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Avary and Gaiman's STD horror

NeilGaiman.jpgNo, it's not some crazy tabloid title, rather Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman are getting together to adapt a comic book called Black Hole.

The idea behind the title is that that a sexually transmitted disease that mutates people and creates a new breed of humans.

The plot comes from Wikipedia and tells the story of a group of middle class teenagers in 1970's Seattle who contract a sexually transmitted disease called The Bug or The Teen Plague that causes physical mutations.

These teenagers are considered social outcasts and some of them find solace together at an encampment in the woods called The Pit with some living in a suburban house while the owners are on holiday.

According to Wikipedia in November 2005 it was said that Alexandre Aja was set to adapt the story for film, however it was first revealed in March 2006 that Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary were going to adapt the story, something that was confirmed in Time Magazine by Gaiman himself. It's not clear if Aja is going to be directing with these two scripting, or if Aja is off

HorrorMovies alerted me to the story I missed back then and it looks rather interesting.

However there is the potential to utterly ruin the idea with overly convaluted messages and comparisons with real life. However I don't think either of these writers will do that, and if Alexandre Aja is directing, neither will he, we could end up with a pretty relevant and strong horror. If he isn't directing, then it could well turn a little cheesy...oh dear.



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