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Bale hunts Depp in Mann's Enemies

ChristianBale.jpgChristian Bale is apparently in talks to join Michael Mann's Public Enemies film which sees Johnny Depp playing a more traditional role of John Dillinger.

The film looks set to pitch Bale as the FBI Agent on the hunt for Depp's Dillinger.

Under the direction of Michael Mann this is already promising a lot, and Johnny Depp is playing a superb historical character without strange make up, outfits, and a strong sense of reality. Now that has to be interesting. I do like to see Depp playing it straight and showing his bare acting.

Coupling him with the intense Christian Bale sets up a great double act too. According to Variety Bale is going to be playing the FBI Agent who hunted Dillinger down, Melvin Purvis.

Purvis hunted down the criminals Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd, as well as Dillinger, and there have been many who said that he ordered the point blank shooting of Floyd after he had been wounded and questioned. This is something which hangs over the killing of Dillinger who was alleged to have been shot in the back as he ran and never had a gun on his person.

A great cast, superb director, strong story - oh yes, this is looking like a cracking film.



Wow, this is a powerful combination indeed.

Mann. Depp. Bale. Bring it on!

Hmm ... Though I love it, & it sounds like it will be pretty damned cool. I do hope it's not 'Heat' again exactly.


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