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Barker's Book of Blood in Scotland

CliveBarker.jpgI had seen some filming signs in Edinburgh the other night but couldn't track them down, perhaps it was for Clive Barker's Book of Blood which apparently is currently filming in Edinburgh, Scotland.

If that's the case Mr Barker/Director John Harrison, that's where I am, and a lovely set visit wouldn't go amiss!

The film is based on both Book of Blood and On Jerusalem Street, two stories from the Clive Barker Books of Blood first volume (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), and features Doug Bradley – who's Doug Bradley you ask? Well it's none other than Pinhead from Hellraiser.

John Harrison told Fangoria through Horror-Asylum that:

“The shoot is going very well, and the cast is all British—although our lead, Sophie Ward...is playing her part as an American. The male lead is Jonas Armstrong, who is a rising star in the UK; he has previously headlined the BBC series ROBIN HOOD. There could also be a surprise in the works for the character of Wyburd…but more on that later.”

Sounds interesting, and a good British cast makes me even more interested...Perhaps I should go skulking around the streets of Edinburgh this evening!



Haha I know where it is!

Sure you do mate.

LOL @ Richard.

I was walking down to the Edinburgh University computer labs today and saw all these movie-set trailers and things next to the Psychology department. I popped my head into the trailer marked 'director', and asked what they were filming. The kind gentleman said they're filming a scene from Clyde Barker's 'Book of Blood' in one of the university lecture theatres. Cool huh :)
So I google it up, I've never heard of the Books of Blood before. Now I'm looking forward to this film just to see how much of the settings I recognize and walk through every day!

Well done Moh - You didn't happen to get any shots or interesting information did you?

You are correct that the film is Book of Blood. They used my flat in the Grassmarket to shoot the inside scenes. They were all very nice people.

Thats very cool John, it'll be a very nice selling point. Did you get any keepsakes from the production? Any nice photos?

Sorry, but no photos. I did some some keepsakes, one being a stack of knives with one missing. I wonder if that features in the film. They allowed me to get into the flat to recover some stuff, and I couldn't believe how much the place had been stripped away. Furniture and paintings removed or replaced, but everything now perfectly back in place. Can't wait to see the shower and balcony scenes.

I was an extra in the scenes shot in the University Anatomy Lecture Theatres, great fun to see a full-scale production team at work, although Jonas Armstrong was a right diva! I can't wait for the finished film to be released.

Dave you'll have to drop me an email and point yourself out when you see it.

In what way do you consider Jonas Armstrong as a right divo?

In what way do you consider Jonas Armstrong as a right divo?


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