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Battlestar Galactica prequel?

BattlestarGalactica.jpgIt looks like there may just be a Battlestar Galactica prequel happening, and not because of any creative desire, but because there's just nothing happening with the strike.

It seems that there's a prequel script just sitting about ready to go, and the studio are seriously considering the idea of putting it into development so that they have something new.

The series, called Caprica, would follow Bill Adama's father, that's how far back it goes. It would look at the lawyer father of Adama and the man who invented the Cylons - Someone stop him!

The TV Guide has a quote from SciFi Vice President Mark Stern who says:

"I just got a call from NBC Universal...They want us to take another look at the project."

The script was written some time ago and seems as though it's ready to go according to AICN through Moviehole.

Now that's an exciting thought, and it would be a major coup for fans and the network. Battlestar Galactica is undoubtedly one of the best television shows to come along for a very long time, and it shows that remakes really can work.

I know it's not film and it's television, but this has to be the closest to a film that a television series can get, and indeed some would argue that television series such as this are even better than film, especially right now.



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