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Be Kind Rewind fan made trailer by Director

BeKindRewind.jpgThis is going to be a little confusing, so hold on while I explain. Michael Gondry's film is all about two guys in a video store remaking all the classic films themselves because they've erased all their stock of proper films.

Well the director Michael Gondry has decided to follow suit with the trailer itself and having accidentally erased the proper trailer for his film he goes out and makes a his own version starring, him.

It's actually rather funny, although I do find it rather creepy too! There's something about Gondry doing humour that unnerves me rather.

Be Kind Rewind, the proper film, is from Michael Gondry and sees Mos Def and Jack Black as the owners of the ill fated video store. The funny thing is that when they do make their own video versions of the films people love them, and soon they can't cope with the demand.

Here's the strange Gondry ultra-cheap version of the trailer.

That comes from YouTube through Twitch, and you can see the original Be Kind Rewind trailer right here on Filmstalker.



I'm really looking forward to this picture. Although Gondry's version of the trailer is quite strange, it's a fantastic idea!

Had the pleasure of seeing it last week - a real treat.

Is it really that good Mace?

Can't wait for this film, I love his work.


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