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Behind the scenes of Bloody Omaha

DDayLandings.jpgRichard Hammond, aka The Hamster from Top Gear who has become famous for his hairstyles and crashing at high speed, hosted a BBC television show about the Omaha beach landings on D-Day, and part of that was a short recreation of some of the landings themselves.

The making of these scenes has gone online and reveals just how small the production was, but when you see the finished article you'll be amazed. Just four days shooting, but who knows how many days on the computer!

I found this rather fascinating to watch:

With just three guys, they recreated the landings, and the video shows all the different pieces they filmed in order to give them the materials to then spend the time on the computers to create the finished scenes. Also, rather than just show you the final scenes, they show them being layered together to create the completed moments of battle. Superb stuff, and the magic of film.



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