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Blonde and Blonder clip online

BlondeandBlonder_Pic.jpgOh gods of Hollywood, please smite me down now for I've just witnessed what could be the most embarrassing and degrading piece of cinema ever. You thought Barb Wire was bad, wait till you see this clip from Blonde and Blonder with Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards.

I couldn't believe how painfully awful this looked, and I can't help wondering what Richards is doing in something this disastrous looking.

Words are almost failing me, really. I don't know if this is meant to induce feelings of voyeuristic embarrassment, making you feel like you ought to turn away and not look, but it does. It's painful.

See what you think of the Blonde and Blonder clip below, and try and keep watching if you can. This film might just live up to its title.

You want to know what's worse? There's a Blonde and Blonder II where they both go into space...and it still stars Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards!



Curse you! That was truly wretched. Can I have those 90 seconds back please?

hahahaha, thats terrible but made my day. :)

Is that even acting? or do those two think its a documentary?

My eyes, my eyes!!! That is a shame, I always liked Richards but since Scary Movie and this she's really gone downhill. She was brilliant in Wild Things and James Bond. Pamela's greatest scene has to be at the end of the Borat, I thought she acted that very well even if it was supposed to be a real scene.

As crap as Im sure this movie is its got to be better than Dumb And Dumberer which I havent seen and wont ever see, least this would have something nice to look at!

Fair point Firebug, and well made!


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