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Update: Bond 22 casting confirmations

MathieuAmalric.jpgMathieu Amalric has been confirmed as the villain, which was a story from back in December, and now Jeffrey Wright has been confirmed as returning to the film as CIA agent Felix Leiter.

There's also a rumour that the producers of Bond are on the verge of casting a female lead for the film, which might suggest the female lead isn't Gemma Arterton as was rumoured previously.

However that doesn't mean Gemma Arterton is not in the film, just as I thought that she might be in a smaller role, just not the lead female. Of course, they could be buying time and she's already chosen. As usual we'll have to wait.

I'm excited about the Variety confirmed casting of Mathieu Amalric as a baddie though, he's doing some great work in French cinema at the moment, and it'll be interesting to see him make something more light hearted and British.

Jeffrey Wright also makes a great return, I thought his role was too short but very impactful on Bond and the film.

Update: 05/01/2007
Well it sees that Gemma Arterton is confirmed as the next Bond lady after all. According to The Hollywood Reporter through Rope of Silicon, her character's name will be Fields. I wonder if she is the main female lead then?



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