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Bond: Quantum of Solace plot revealed

DanielCraig.jpgYou know sometimes you get a feeling about something that happens in the early days of pre-production, a feeling that can often turn out to be wrong. I got a similar feeling with Casino Royale to begin with – the whole reboot, forget the past, mix up timelines, drop gadgets, everything was worrying and then it turned out fantastically.

So the news that the title for the 22nd Bond film is Quantum of Solace has me a little concerned, and if they hadn't been so good with Casino Royale, I'd be thinking this was looming towards a bit of a joke.

I just don't like the title. It doesn't sound like a James Bond film, it doesn't sound like a spy thriller, or even an action film, it sounds like pure science fiction. However that's the title for the film and there are some interesting titbits doing the rounds.

First up the title announcement arrives from Empire (thanks to jun6lee from Filmstalker Readers) with the news that the title actually comes from an Ian Fleming story which isn't a Bond story, in fact it's a short story where Bond is attending a boring dinner, so boring in fact that he makes a remark to get the guests riled up, and one of them, the Governor of the Bahamas, returns with a tragic love story about one of the dinner guests.

Wow, that's not a Bond story at all, so perhaps they are taking the barest of notions from it for a plot device at some point, or just the silly title, Quantum of Solace.

In another Bond story from Empire we hear from the various stars that this is a revenge tale, and that Olga Kurylenko's character, Camille, leads Bond to Dominic Greene played by Mathieu Amalric, who is the man behind a South American coup in order to control one of the world's most important natural resources. He's also the man that can tell Bond more about what happened to his love Vesper. Camille, like Bond, is after revenge.

Gemma Arterton is playing Agent Fields, an MI6 agent who is working in Bolivia.

Daniel Craig also says through Empire that the title does mean something in relation to the film, that this film will have a bit more of the standard Bond feel with some big lair sets and such, and that Bond will be misbehaving more. Instead of being tortured, this time Bond is stronger and harder, giving out the hard treatment rather than taking it.

Moneypenny and Q are still not back, so I'm wondering how far they really will go back to the classic Bond, I'm hoping not very far at all and they keep going in the Casino Royale direction. I think they're onto such a great new character and style for Bond, and they've turned me around. I would prefer that they didn't try and shoehorn it back towards the old Bond, wouldn't you?



Yuu know I only registered as jun6lee because I couldn't get my hands on a username with the underscore hyphen & apostrophe? :-P

As for the news re: the story, i think they could incorporate the boring dinner & it could become integral to the plot ..

The plot sounds interesting and all I can say is that I am looking very forward to seeing this!

As for the title, its not what you would expect for a bond film, but it'll be a fast grower I'm sure.

I forgot to say that over at the BBC site they have a video which shows some behind the scenes footage of Quantum of Solace (I can't stop saying that!). You can check it out from: http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7206997.stm?dynamic_vote=ON#vote_bond_title

Cheers for that link Billy.


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