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Christina Aguilera to star in film?

ChristinaAguilera.jpgChristina Aguilera is being rumoured as joining a film called Humboldt Park which may star Katie Holmes, Freddy Rodriguez and John Leguizamo.

She certainly looks the part to play an on screen goddess, but can she carry a role?

The rumour comes from a much mentioned source which is "mentioned in reports", although none of the sources of the reports are given in the article from AceShowbiz, so we're pretty much left in the dark.

With that in mind, consider this a huge rumour, however it wouldn't be infeasible to believe that she could gain a small part in a major film.

Humboldt Park tells the story of three siblings who head home for their holidays, returning to their parents in Chicago's Humboldt Park. It's billed as a comedy/drama and rumoured to be appearing are the aforementioned Katie Holmes, Freddy Rodriguez and John Leguizamo.

Well I'm sure she'll look great on screen, I guess the question is if she'll manage to act, and all we have to go on for now are her music videos.



Others have made the jump into movies. I really can't see any singer being a worst actress than Jessica Simpson so I'm all for Christina giving it a shot

Now that's a cracking point and well made! Ha!


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