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Clancy's Jack Ryan restarted

RyanGosling.jpgIt seems that there's a move afoot to bring Jack Ryan back to the big screen, the Tom Clancy character played by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, and this time it's without Tom Clancy.

You'll remember that back in 2006 Rainbow Six and Without Remorse were both in production and put into turnaround, and then bought by a new studio and were being put back into production, although we never heard anything again since.

We also heard back then from Philip Noyce himself, the Director of a few Clancy films himself, that with the studios owning the name of Jack Ryan they were going to restart the franchise without Tom Clancy, his stories, or anything else previously connected with the Ryan films.

Now Moviehole have news that suggests that this is really going ahead and that Philip Noyce has told them that he was attached to direct By Any Mean's Necessary at some point last year, but now neither he nor Harrison Ford are returning to the series - which is good news on the Ford front because frankly he's just too old to do the role if he's still running around and getting involved.

Instead he reveals that Ryan Gosling is to be the new Jack Ryan and the film will definitely not be based on any of Clancy's books.

I smell a Ben Affleck a href="http://www.uk.imdb.com/title/tt0164184/" title="Sum of All Fears on UK IMDB" target="_blank">Sum of All Fears coming on, although that wasn't the worst film ever, it was the worst of the series and focused the most on Hollywood clichés.



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