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Cloverfield Director on Invisible Woman

InvisibleWoman.jpgIt seems that not only is Matt Reeves, the Director of Cloverfield, signed up to create another big Cloverfield monster film in either a a prequel or a talk of a sequel...or even a same-time-quel, but he's also signed up to direct a film called The Invisible Woman.

Except it's not that Invisible Woman, the title of the film seems to be slightly metaphorical.

According to the Variety article that also told us of Cloverfield 2, the story will tell of a former beauty queen who turns to a life of crime to protect her family. Apparently it's Hitchcockian in style and a strong thriller written by Matt Reeves himself.

It also tells us that if the sequel for Cloverfield goes ahead then this will be made afterwards, however I don't see that working. They don't have a script for Cloverfield 2, but they do have a script for Invisible Woman, now to me that means they'll be made the other way around, after all there's a strike on.



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