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Cloverfield monster secret revealed

Cloverfield.jpgIt looks like I was right way back in November when I wrote about some of the Cloverfield footage and pictures that made it seem as though people were being contaminated with something from the monster, and now the latest clip for the film builds on my idea and reveals even more.

Here's the evidence in the footage we've seen so far.

We first saw a still that showed a woman being held by men in contamination suits, her eyes and nose bleeding as though she carried some form of disease and that it was infectious, later the first look at the high quality trailer revealed someone being held by two people in contamination suits behind a big screen, their body erupting, almost exploding.

Now that last clip looked like it could have been exploding or perhaps breaking apart in Alien style as a new creature emerged. Who knows, we only saw enough to see the body expanding rapidly and some screaming. Couple that with the bleeding eyes and ears and it looks like humans are being infected in some way.

The latest clip from Cloverfield below suggests that this could be conveyed through the bite of the creature. During this new trailer there's a shot of what looks like the same area as we saw the people in contamination suits and the previous footage, some kind of makeshift hospital or containment area.

At one point you hear the scream "Bite, we've got a bite", then there's a shot of a woman with blood coming from her eye looking around in a daze, then we cut to that same scene I first spotted in November where someone being held by people in containment suits expands suddenly and there's screaming.

Have a look for yourself, and you might want to see that first photo that made me come up with the idea and that first trailer.

The clip comes from YouTube through HorrorMovies.

What do you think? I thought it was a strong idea back then, but now I'm convinced that the creature (or perhaps those smaller creatures) do infect humans and that causes them to either simply explode or the creatures actually infect humans with another creature which, like in Alien, grows inside of them, until...

I'm not entirely sure which, but from the new footage it's pretty clear that everyone is scared of what happens when someone is infected, they obviously become dangerous or infectious themselves.



do i have to actually admit this looks good?

i'm trying my hardest to stay cynnical, but you all know it's just a jest.
Still, i'm not sold on the flick. I've made no bones about the displeasure i feel about the ad campaign they've set forth...

...having said that, this is definitely a good spot. And i'm glad to finally be seeing something more than "monster destroys city in shakeycam".

Yeah, there does seem to be a lot more to the story than simple monster killing city.

I do have a little negativity about the marketing but I have passed over it with the great footage we've been seeing. It is starting to look pretty tense stuff.

The huge screen trailer I saw over the weekend further piqued my interest about it too!

Just been looking at the trailer. That part where girl suddenly gets bigger, I thought they looked more like Giant rats, but I was mistaken.
If you go to 1min 29seconds into the trailer and pause you can kind of see a bit of the monster and from the looks of it, it had tentacles. So its some sort of alien creature,
I'm so looking forward to this. I think they way they marketed it was great. Made me more interested!

are you for real? the whole eye bleeding thing and suits were cuts from i am legend, also set in new york city, nobody knows what this monster is an to be frank im sick of people trying to guess

Those weren't cuts from I Am Legend Mike.

dude this movie is nice but it doesnt explain why the monster is there and its gay

The monster is gay? Wow, I didn't notice any sign of genitalia, or hear of another monster which which it shares the same genitalia that it engages in sexual activity with.

Of course it could reproduce by itself and therefore have no need of a gender qualification since there would only be one - would that still make it gay?

im sick of people saying its godzilla, he died didn't he.

I hope its not one of those films that don't answer any questions because i hate it when they do that, thats why i stopped watching lost, it got stupid after a while.

i think this is the worst film i have ever seen. none of this happens. the monster is infact just a monster. there is no viral outbreak in the film, and i am disgusted at you nerds.
peace out [Well I've taken that out! - Richard]

The last post by Guillermo del Toro, whats with u? lol, they're just intrigued about this film and coming up with possible solutions, and u are so damn cool with ur "peace out [...and again - Richard]" line "original" :P. Anyways thanks for the rest of u and ur information, its been helpful.

Just to inform u guys who havent seen the movie yet and are hoping for pictures of the cloverfield monster, if you see a himpback whale type creature with tenticles n a few fins, next to the statue of liberty, ITS A FAKE!!! thats an adaption of sin from finalfantasy X. the real monster has longer front arms, and looks like something from silent hill

Good shout DillyDan - I actually got sent that picture for the site and once I'd upped the brightness on it, it was pretty easy to see it was faked.


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