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Cloverfield monster video online

Cloverfield.jpgNo kidding, this appears to be actual footage from the film of the Cloverfield monster. It isn't a lengthy video, there are only a few frames, bit there's enough to see the shape and a few of the features of the mouth.

This creature looks pretty serious stuff, no big waddling animal, this is a lean, mean, destruction machine.

I tried capturing a frame of the GIF image to give you a little teaser, but really there's nothing can do it justice and a little clip just takes away from the whole motion.

Believe me, this seems totally genuine, it's not one of these jokes that you'll get there and find it's false.

You can see the big GIF animation over at Unifiction forums through NY Magazine's Vulture and CinemaBlend.

Now that looks like a scary monster. I'm definitely up for this now, and I'm not sure it's really a spoiler, just don't read the posts beneath which do give away a spoiler, or check the filename of the image.

I haven't been reading the reviews for the film, I'm deliberately staying away from them, but I'm hearing they are good and that this could turn out to be a big hit.

What do you think of the monster then?



Ive seen the monster in the movie and its a pretty cool one. And Cloverfield is a very good movie, lots of fun. Am I the only one on this site so far to have seen the movie? I think we got it before most other countries because it came out on the 17th over here (in New Zealand).

well, i'm not saying the monster looks like what i expected, but i don't think anything could have matched what some of us were seeing in our heads.

the good news is, i'm hearing glowing reviews about this one. And the word is that the movie is short, doesn't take itself too seriously, and is FUN.

end of story, looks like i was wrong to doubt this one...

I'll wait to watch the clip till Sunday afternoon. The kiddo and I are going to see the flick on Sunday morning...looking forward to it since the majority seem to like it and say it's a lot of fun, which is what I'm pretty much expecting.

I think you are Firebug - fancy doing a review for us? And/Or Meli if you are seeing it Sunday.

hmmm... its cool, but i thought it was supposed to be some sort of mutant whale thing, i don't care for this thing however...


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