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Diary of the Dead trailer online

GeorgeARomero.jpgGeorge A. Romero has released the trailer for his new zombie film, Diary of the Dead, and he's not only given it a nice introduction but also announced a film-making competition which could see your film on the DVD release.

The film sees a group of young film-makers in the woods in the middle of nowhere creating a horror film when the zombie infestation strikes. One of the crew keeps his camera rolling to film the strange events.

It does sound very Blair Witch Project which is now very clearly showing to be so ahead of its time as we're seeing hand held camera film upon hand held camera film.

However, this is George A. Romero, and he's promising to scare the crap out of us. Let's see if he does with the trailer from Diary of the Dead:

Get More Trailers at TerrorFeed.com

The trailer comes from HorrorMovies.ca. What do you think then, is he scaring you with this, or does it look a bit bland and stock?



looks slick and promising.

the best part was when the battery started blinking, like time was running out.

romero may just take this "shakey cam" thing somewhere that others never thought to.

regardless, can't wait for it.

This trailer bombs out halfway through. Waste of time.


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