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Edward Burns releases film online

EdwardBurns.jpgEdward Burns has released his new film Purple Violets online rather than through any normal distribution methods as he believes that this will earn the film, and those involved, more money.

The film is a romantic drama which stars Selma Blair, Patrick Wilson, Edward Burns, Debra Messing and Dennis Farina. Oh, and of course Burns himself.

Purple Violets is about old relationships restarting and second chances, and it genuinely looks interesting.

The film cost a mere US $4 million and was filmed in only twenty two days, and now it's available on iTunes. In fact according to Digital Spy the film has been online for a few weeks and Edward Burns said:

“...we've already done such an enormous number of downloads and that's real money that's on the table.”

Wow, that's pretty incredible news, however there's no real indication of just how well it's doing. You can buy the film for a mere US $12.99 a shot.

Burns goes on to say why he made this choice, although bear in mind that these comments are specifically about America.

“The financial gains are enormous [on the internet] rather than making a deal with a commercial distributor...

...The attendance in art house movie theaters is down like 54% in the last 12 months. Grace is Gone, a great film in Sundance [Film Festival] made $12,000, which is shocking.

Whether it's the ease that DVDs show up in your mailbox, be it Netflix or movies on demand, or the fact that people have flat-screen TVs and HD, there's not the same need to go down to a theatre.”

I'm really not sure if it's that simple and that we should turn away from cinemas. I know that over here in the UK the cinemas are enjoying a bumper time, as last year the cinema attendance was up on the previous, and even the more “arthouse” cinemas (I'd prefer to say just non-mainstream or multiplex) are doing really well.

Still, it's an interesting move by the writer\director\actor, and you can see the trailer for the film over on the official site [QT:Embed] or head over to iTunes and buy yourself a copy.

I have to say I was surprised by the trailer, it does look an attractive story and some interesting characters with good actor choices.



Oh I love Eddie Burns films! He really should be making more films IMO.

Brothers McMullen, She's The One and No Looking Back are my favorites. Have you seen any of 'em Rich? I will definitely check this one out.


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