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Elijah Wood in Day Zero trailer

ElijahWood.jpgFor most of the trailer, Day Zero looks like a tough and intense look at three men of very different views who are drafted into the military to be sent to war in the Middle East. The film stars Elijah Wood, Jon Bernthal and Chris Klein as the three men with thirty days to report for duty.

However the final scenes are somewhat confused and look tacked onto the end of the start of the trailer, with a closing shot of Elijah Wood's character that seems more Taxi Driver than the inwardly thought provoking film we're initially promised.

That said the reviews are showing very strong for the film, and they do reflect the idea that the film is set to be a worrying look to a possible future in America.

Also starring in Day Zero is none other than Ally Sheedy, someone who I was talking about today in connection with the superb film WarGames.

You can see the trailer over at IGN [QT:37.2MB] thanks to editman at Movie-List Forums.

What do you think, and not just of seeing Ally Sheedy again on screen! It's another very different role for Wood, and from all accounts is a strong, intelligent film.



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