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Eve of Understanding gets distribution

EveofUnderstanding.jpgA while ago I watched and reviewed an independent film called Eve of Understanding. To begin with I wasn't sure if it would really be my thing, but I was drawn by the script and the lead actress, and I ended up loving the film.

Since then they've kept in regular touch and I've been watching the progress. Just a few weeks ago they received some excellent news, they've gained a DVD distribution deal!

You can read more about their journey making the film and other projects that Open Plan Films have been working on through their official blog which also has the latest stories syndicated on the Filmstalker Insiders Feed Page.

There's a trailer for the film on the official site, as well as the soundtrack to listen to, and a wealth of other information on the film.

Eve of Understanding tells the story of Donna, a woman who is really struggling with her own life and relationships. She's a "chain smoker with a bad haircut" (not my words, those of the official site!), and she's really been through the crappy end of life. However it's clear from the outset that she's trying to get along, she's trying to make things right, and it's just as her mother, Eve, dies that we join her.

She's been left a case full of gifts from her mother, gifts for her mother's old friends and friends of Donna, and a final request that Donna heads out alone and delivers these in the order she's given. Each gift carries a little message for everyone, and it seems a little bit of understanding for Donna.

So it's great news that there's now a DVD distribution deal meaning that it will be released in 2008 by Vanguard Cinema. At the moment it's standard DVD, but there is talk of a high definition release too, just keep your eyes open to be able to rent and buy it through the official site.

Great news for them, and if you haven't read it yet, have a look at the Filmstalker review.



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