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Favreau talks Avengers plans

JohnFavreau.jpgThere's something going wrong with the Justice League of America right now, and I think it's really down to the fact that they haven't tied in the films of the individual superheroes, and the fact that most of them appearing in the ensemble film haven't even received their own films.

For those reasons I think it's going to be a bad film. However Jon Favreau has been talking about The Avengers film and how he would love to do it, he's also revealed that Marvel have a much better plan for their ensemble film than that for the Justice League.

In an interview where he's saying how much he would love to direct the film, he talks a little about those plans, and that it seems that they are going to have their individual films with tie-ins before they attempt the ensemble film. Now isn't that a great idea? I also bet that they won't be recasting everyone too.

“Since The Avengers has The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, they still have to make a few more movies. I think they would want to get a chapter in on each of the heroes before they combine them. But I think it is very smart that they are thinking of cross-pollinating between different characters...”

Jon Favreau was talking to Collider there about the possibility of him directing the film, to which he says he would love to, if the experience was as good as the one he's having in Iron Man.

I think this is definitely the way to go, recasting and trying to have characters in their first outings in the film is going to end up like a very crowded first Fantastic Four film. There's going to be no room for them all as they try and fight for on screen time and make their own story heard.

The way that it sounds as though they are planning The Avengers over at Marvel is much better and looks set to build the characters in their own films first. That way, when we come to the ensemble film, we'll be getting that story and not the backstory of four or five other characters before we can begin.

Now we just have to hope that they don't recast them all and that Favreau, or someone of his ability and passion for the subject, gets given the task.



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