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Films to stalk in 2008: Part three

Fireworks.jpgNow the third and final in the series where I've been looking at the upcoming films of 2008. We've already had a look at the films that have release dates for 2008, as well as the list of films due for release in 2008 without a date as yet, well this final feature is looking at those films left over in IMDB for 2008 that are highly unlikely to get made this year.

Of course you have to remember that these dates may be simply left over from the last time the IMDB page was updated, or perhaps they were just in there as a date filler, who knows. Whatever the reason they were marked in for 2008 and it really looks like there's not a chance.

Battle Royale
A film I just don't think could happen, the U.S. remake of the Japanese Battle Royale, that superbly dark and satirical film from Koushun Takami's excellent novel. I really can't see this getting made, or if it does it's going to be a watered down version and all Hollywood, as much chance as the Oldboy remake frankly.

Dibbuk Box
I'm not sure if we'll see this Ghost House Pictures film released this year as it still doesn't have a director announced. With producers like Sam Raimi and Robert G. Tapert behind it and a strong story, it might just make it.

This Roger Avary videogame adaptation was supposed to be for 2008 but has no director. With videogames not doing so well I can't see this has a strong future.

Ender's Game
I've not heard much on the Wolfgang Petersen directed version of the Orson Scott Card novel, which Card also wrote the screenplay for. It was put into pre-production mid 2007 and since then I've not really heard that much. I'm not sure if it will make it to the screen in 2008 although I would like it to.

Fear Effect
Another videogame adaptation which tells of a wealthy industrialist who hires futuristic mercenaries to find his daughter. What is interesting here though is Stanley Tong is directing, and he's got quite a few strong martial arts type films in his past history – Police Story 3 and 4, Jackie Chan's First Strike, Rumble in the Bronx and The Myth.

I, Lucifer
I'm not really sure whether to put this film on the doubtful list as I really want to see it, I think it might be dragged out to 2009 though. Starring Daniel Craig as Lucifer and Ewan McGregor as, I think the man whose body he inhabits. The premise is a really strong one,God has made a deal with Satan for a last shot at redemption, live a life as a human without any blame or wrong doing, and he can be redeemed. However Lucifer negotiates a trial period and overloads the body to as many vices and evils that the world has to offer, yet at the same time he begins to discover the magical aspects of being human.

Jurassic Park IV
Not a chance. No director, no cast, although the writers are William Monahan and John Sayles, Monahan having adapted Infernal Affairs for the US version The Departed. So it's promising, I just can't see it this year.

Kung Fu Hustle 2
I doubt that Stephen Chow will manage to race through this film for 2008, especially when CJ7 is due out in March in the UK. There's promotion to be done never mind any post-production work that's required.

Pet Sematary
A remake of the film adapted from the cracking Stephen King novel? Well there's no more information on it so we'll have to wait and see.

The remake of the classic David Cronenberg horror. Exploding heads, drilling brains, and the power to kill with the mind.

Remaking Dario Argento's classic in 2008?

The A-Team
Could this really happen this year? Well with John Singleton on board as Director perhaps it can. I'm doubtful though, with the project having been announced years and years ago I'm not so sure we can see it come through the other end. The script review we saw wasn't positive, and it seems much of what made the series great is going to be gone.

Nick Fury
Well they might be testing out a star in Samuel L. Jackson in Iron Man, but they have no director and the whole concept is being tested out too. I don't see this hitting 2008.

Ong Bak 2
I'm sure that this film has been talked about for a while now, but it would be great to see it made and released, especially considering how visually exciting the original looked. A bit more story and characterisation would be good though.

Short Circuit
Oh yes, they're remaking this too. I can't see them getting this out even though it has some writers attached and possibly a new script. How can they match the genius of the first?

Silent Hill 2
No director, no script, no chance for this year unless it's rushed through and done for the quick direct to DVD cash.

This latest film from Roland Joffé sounds intriguing, but it's the pairing of Aishwarya Rai and Brendan Fraser that has me more interested, although at this early stage I doubt we'll see it this year. Here's the IMDB blurb - “A native Indian woman and a British Army officer stage a bloody coup d''etat after being brought together by a strange mystical power.”

The Crazies
Could the remake of George A. Romero's horror make it in 2008? I very much doubt it, it doesn't even have a director attached.
Cowboys for Christ

The Entity
This remake of the 1981 horror based on supposedly true events is still to be directed by Hideo Nakata, the creator of the Ringu (Ring) series and Honogurai mizu no soko kara (Dark Water), the last I heard. I'm not sure we'll see this in 2008, but I'd love to see how he takes the story of demonic possession and rape to a modern audience.

The Flash
Although this does have a director and a possible star attached, there's no real word of it moving forward and I would suspect rewrites would hold it off until after the strike at least.

The Fly
Yes, another remake. Although this one has no director and no script, so that's a no way.

The Incredible Shrinking Man
Another no director project, and it is as it sounds, a retelling of the classic story of a man who shrinks to an incredibly small size. Brian Grazer is producing, and that's about all I can say about that!

The Killer Inside Me
An interesting novel that I just completed from Jim Thompson, told from the first person it follows the local deputy sheriff who slowly reveals to the reader that he's far from the nice, gentle man he appears, and soon he's forced to reveal that person more and more to the outside world.

The Meat Trade
Colin Firth and Robert Carlyle star in this Irvine Welsh written and Antonia Bird directed film about a modern day Burke and Hare, body snatchers working in Edinburgh. Unfortunately it's been postponed for some time, I just hope that it does make it through. Oh, I have one of the producer's email addresses, perhaps I should drop them a note.

The Seven Samurai
The remakes keep on coming. Although this one is down for pre-production around August 2007, I doubt we'll see anything because of the strike and the lack of director. Even then it's another remake I don't want to see made.

The Smurfs
Thank the lord. Delay this forever as far as I'm concerned.

Ultraviolent: The Beginning
No details on it, but I can't see this reaching 2008. Or maybe it could be once the writers come out of strike, I'm sure it could be rushed through without compromising the story!

Untitled Bruce Lee Biopic
Robert Lee's book on the great Bruce Lee is to be the basis of this biography on the great man's life. However there's a long way to go on the project and I don't think there's even a script as yet.

Untitled Matt Helm Project
Matt Helm was a character brought to life by one of my screen heroes, Dean Martin. Based on a novel by Donald Hamilton and written by Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, Robert Luketic is set to direct. He's just completing 21, the Vegas card counting film. I've heard nothing of this project moving forward.

Untitled Wes Craven Project

When World's Collide
I can't see this film making it through this year, with the writer's set to stay out into the beginning of the year, and hopefully through awards season, and the effects work that this film needs, I doubt that the Stephen Sommers remake will see 2008. The story sees Alpha Centauri on a collision course with Earth and mass hysteria breaking out. However a billionaire astronomer discovers a planet around Alpha Centauri capable of sustaining life and he organises a mission to send a group of people there to continue the human race.

World War Z
With no director and J. Michael Straczynski completed the script, which will no doubt require rewrites during the pre-filming process, I doubt we'll see this in 2008, especially with all the big scenes that the script calls for. I do hope they take their time on this one though, it's a cracking novel and well worth the effort to make it a worthy film.

With that the 2008 review is over, now we just have to experience it, I've already seen a few new films this year and they're getting the reviews written up as we speak. However out of this list there's a few titles I'm sorry to say won't make it this year, if at all, but what are you going to miss from this list, and what are you just pleased isn't going to darken your cinema screen?



These movies should be lumped into 2 categories, remakes and not remakes, *shakes head at remake after remake*.

Would you like me to do that Firebug?

The only thing that will make me interested to see is The Meat Trade, after having been told about from my last visit to Scotland.

Nah its all good Richard, good lists though, lots of movies that sound good.


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