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Filmstalker's Week 7th to 13th January

Newspapers.jpgAnother week into January and it seems like the world is back to business already, is it just me or is New Year a big let down these days?

Here's the past week in Filmstalker, all the interesting articles and everything you need to keep up to date. Remember if you fancy doing the summary each week and writing your own editorial of the week, then feel free, just let me know.

No Country for Old Men is great for the most part, but there's a shockingly bad handling of the story near the end, read the review.

The third and final part of the Filmstalker review of 2008, this time it's the films that just won't get made.

Who do you want to direct the seventh Harry Potter film?

There's a cracking Die Hard fan made film which gives the film a silent movie style, it's really good fun.

The British film Lady Godiva has a trailer.

The Untraceable trailer arrives in multiple sizes and formats.

Fancy some Charlie Wilson's War clips? They honestly tell the truth of history...

Sweeney Todd trailer, premiere event and a behind the scenes featurette, all at Filmstalker.

There's a trailer for a film about group sex therapy starring Macaulay Culkin and Elisha Dushku! Check out Sex and Breakfast.

A trailer has arrived for the zombie horror Diary of the Dead from George A. Romero.

Edward Burns film Purple Violets is released online, and the trailer looks good.

More trailers appear for Cloverfield, and there are more almost glimpses of the monster. Let's face it we're not going to see it until the film gets seen.

There's a new Iron Man trailer on the go.

The remake of Brian De Palma's Sisters has another trailer.

Ricki Lake produces and appears in The Business of Being Born, a look at the state of giving birth in America.

Paranoid Park from Gus Van Sant gets a high definition trailer.

Elijah Wood stars in a strong thriller about forced conscription, and it could well be powerful.

Vincent Cassel's French gangster story Death Instinct has a very brief but interesting teaser.

Even more Cloverfield videos...however it's more of the same I'm afraid.

John Singleton has has been talking about his vision for The A-Team film, and it's sounding really good.

Why not try playing the Filmstalker BUZZ! The Hollywood Quiz game?

Just to confirm what I was sayiing before, Bryan Singer is on the Superman Returns sequel, Superman: Man of Steel. Next up we'll hear that Brandon Routh is onboard and was never off.

Christopher Nolan talks about The Dark Knight plot and reveals that Harvey Dent is going to be the backbone of the story and that The Joker is just going to sweep right through it.

Could Viggo Mortensen be playing Edgar Allan Poe for Sylvester Stallone?

Sylvester Stallone has been talking about his plans for the Death Wish remake, and he sounds like he has a good take on it.

Christian Bale could be joining Johnny Depp in Michael Mann's Public Enemies - what a sentence that is!

The writers are back at work for the Weinstein Company soon after signing a deal with United Artists.

The Darfur documentary and memoir of the Marine who smuggled out the pictures of the genocide is to become a feature.

Matt Damon is joining Paul Greengrass once again in his Iraqi drama Green Zone.

Paramount denies it is leaving HD-DVD, just after rumours reveal it has a clause allowing it to follow Warner Bros. Universal are rumoured to be leaving HD-DVD, is it just rumour to fuel the studios jumping ship or is this really happening? None the less, the WGA are in talks with independent studios.

The McCann's deny that they are seeking to make a film of their kidnapped daughter just after their spokesperson says otherwise.

Philip Noyce is directing Scarlet Johansson in Mary Queen of Scots. Good or bad thing?

Bioshock is set to become a film it seems.

Ridley Scott is to film the famous treaty meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev

Is Hayden Christensen to star in a screen version of Gibson's Neuromancer?

WETA is hoping that their Neon Genesis Evangelion project is going to get started again.

A report of statistics shows that violent films are actually reducing violent acts on the streets.



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