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First CGI look at new Enterprise?

Enterprise2.jpgFilmstalker has already brought you the first look at the teaser for J.J. Abrams new Star Trek film. Now it seems we can have a first real look at the new Enterprise outside the teaser.

Filmwad has what looks like two FX shots of the new Enterprise. Not entirely sure of their authenticity, but have a look and see what you think. Is this what you were expecting? You can see the images here and here.



Yeah the second one is a still from the teaser trailer, but that first one looks pretty damn good...it might actually be the real deal.

The second one is indeed from the teaser, and the first one was created by Gabriel Koerner, a well-known Star Trek fan and visual effects artist who created his own render of an updated Enterprise. I don't think it's from the film, but it's still damn cool.

Aww I did think there was something about it that didn't look quite right, but it's pretty amazing work anyway. Well done him.

That's cool, but it isn't the real deal. First off, the font on the hull isn't correct when compared to the teaser. Still waiting for a real look folks.....

Merrick, yeah the closest we've seen so far is the high definition trailer for the film which gives us a little glimpse.


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