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Flawless trailer online

DemiMoore.jpgThe trailer for the Michael Caine and Demi Moore starrer Flawless is online, and I have to say I'm really quite taken with the film already.

The trailer builds tension nice and slowly and looks to have rather strong character roles and promises great direction from Michael Radford, the director of one of my favourite films, Il Postino.

Set in London in the 1960's, Flawless sees Michael Caine plays a cleaner who is about to retire from his job in the London Diamond Corporation and decides he wants a little retirement fund. He persuades a female executive played by Demi Moore, who is struggling to achieve anything above her role, to help out. However he does more than steal a few diamonds for themselves.

There are some other names of note in the cast too, including Joss Ackland, Lambert Wilson and Nathaniel Parker.

Latino Review [Flash] have the trailer. What do you think? Something a little surprising perhaps and a really good role for Moore.



I agree, I think this trailer looks really good and if they've played their cards right, should make for a good thriller. I particularly love the fact that it's essentially about a woman jewel thief - not something we see very often - even if she's not the one to set up the heist itself. Should be fun!


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