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Frontier(s) UK trailer online

Hitman.jpgThe trailer for Frontier(s) really did catch me by surprise, and although it is really dark, there's plenty to scare the wits out of you and creep/gross you out. Did I see a shoe heel being pushed into someone's ankle?

Yes that give you the idea of how much horror to expect in this French frightener which sees a group of thieves escaping to the border after being involved in city riots. They find a small guest house to stay at and their friends are set to follow, and when they arrive they find that they aren't the scariest ones around.

The trailer for Frontier(s) is quite dark, and it is tough to see everything that's going on, but in a way that's good and adds to the tease and also the perceived horror. It looks violent, bloody and gory. Oh, and pretty damn scary.

I'm up for seeing more of this, and you can catch the trailer over at Bloody Disgusting [Flash].

Did you realise that the film is written and directed by Xavier Gens.? The man behind Hitman (Filmstalker review)?



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