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Funny Games restricted trailer online

funnygames.jpgThere is a restricted trailer online for Funny Games, Michael Haneke's remake of his own film from 1997 of the same name. In it two young men take a family hostage in their holiday home and engage in sadistic games with them. We've seen a teaser before but this one contains a bit more violence in it, yeah!

Funny Games stars Naomi Watts, Michael Pitt and Tim Roth, in what is a shot for shot remake of Haneke's orginal film. You can see the trailer here through Warner Bros and AICN, it is age restricted so I can't link direct, but it's easy to get into. Unless you are under age in which case obviously you should avoid it, as films are the main reason for violence in the world, and it may corrupt your mind.

I quite like the look of this one, certainly a home invasion film with a difference. I'm not sure the soundtrack of the trailer does it justice though. See what you think.



I actually watched the original Funny Games on the weekend, quite an unsettling movie, dont know how the remakes gonna got hough, even if it is directed by Michael Haneke.

Just a tip, if you want to try and get into these age restricted videos and are outside the US, do the following:

1. Use the name George Bush
2. Search for "whitehouse zip code" (careful though, there are two and only one works)
3. Search for "george bush" birthday (careful though, there are two and only one works!)

That'll get you in!


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