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G.I. Joe spoiler?

GIJoe.jpgThere's a report online today of a possible plot spoiler for the upcoming G.I. Joe film, and while it doesn't really excite me or strike me as particularly surprising given the over convoluted plots of some films, it does mention yet again the appearance of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film, something I still can't get my head round.

With this we're hearing that Sam Worthington was being sought for the role of Duke, but the latest inside scoop is that they couldn't get him.

Now that isn't a surprise, with Sam Worthington about to break it with James Cameron's Avatar, I doubt he'd be interested in G.I. Joe, so why the very cool actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is interested in this I just can't see.

No matter, here's the big spoiler from a source through IGN confirmed by a source through CHUD...I use confirmed lightly as this isn't official.

The character that Gordon-Levitt would be playing, if he really were interested, would be Duke's best friend, but the big surprise would be that he's also the leader of the terrorist organisation called Cobra. Wooo.

I'm with Devin on this, why would that convoluted plot point be required? Couldn't he just be a terrorist and why does he have to be a friend? Is this a message to everyone out there? You're friend could be the leader of a terrorist organisation?

I don't like it, but then I think the whole concept is a little too all American for me right now, and also just makes me think of action figures - I know there's been a comic out there for years, but I'm not a huge comic reader and I'm not from America, so my exposure is limited to the action figures.



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