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Golden Globes and Peoples Choice shows scrapped

GoldenGlobe.jpgWell, almost. Instead of the usual television event, the Golden Globes this year are going to be a simple press conference, something that I think considering the writers strike is the best thing all round.

The usual three hour show has been trimmed down to a one hour press conference after the threat of no shows by both presenters and nominees was too great, as was the negative effects of having a picket line of writers out front.

The news comes from Reuters and really must strike a harsh blow to the AMPTP and the studios, after all this is usually a big earner and a major event, and if the strike goes on it does not bode well for any planned Oscars event.

This round most definitely goes to the writers, and with other news today I think it looks like they are leading the fight.

The same goes for the People's Choice Awards which will become a presented magazine type format, using clips and stock footage in favour of the usual live awards ceremony. Wow, that'll be worth catching a list of the results on the Internet then.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association have desperately tried to spin this around and blame the writers, but for me the comments if the HFPA President don't really hold.

“...millions of viewers worldwide will be deprived of seeing many of their favourite stars celebrating 2007's outstanding achievements in motion pictures and television.”

Well all they really do is walk up, collect an award after watching a few clips anyway and give a speech that's either been carefully written by marketing and publicist specialists, or try to push forward the issue of the day, I wouldn't really call it celebrating. Frankly I never find these things overly interesting or revealing. I'm more just name spotting and trying to catch the occasional first time winner give something real.

How do you feel about the awards shows being so drastically altered? Could this actually be a blessing in disguise? Will a clips show do the same thing or is it the speeches and the long walks that you're interested in?



There's just too many of these awards Richard that it's going to do your head in. I mean when they are not televised we still find out who wins (Screen Actors Guild, Critics Choice, etc) so why will it be any different? I say the Academy can command that the nominees show up being the most prestigious (although not anymore now really) but this award giving body this and that and the other, I think it's all too much. You just might be right, this might be a precedent and could be a blessing in disguise.

I can't stand award shows so this is great.

Maybe they can do the same with the Oscars! I hate waking up the morning after the Oscars and seeing a bunch of celebrities posing around in clothes that they don't even own. Plus the awards themselves are usually a mutual back slapping exercise. I don't get why you need to get an award for doing something that you love, given to you by a bunch of people who you mostly don't know. Madness.


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