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Hanks and Daniels in Spielberg's Chicago 7?

StevenSpielberg.jpgAccording to rumour both Colin Hanks and Jeff Daniels have been offered parts in Steven Spielberg's upcoming film Chicago 7.

The film tells the story of the eight people arrested for their role in the anti-Vietnam demonstrations during the 1968 Democratic Party rally which resulted in violent protests and clashes.

The eight were whittled down to seven when one defendant accepted a separate trial from the rest and the others were tried and found guilty before being freed on an appeal.

CHUD through Empire have the rumour that both Colin Hanks and Jeff Daniels are in talks for the roles of two of the defendants, and they point out that earlier rumours have had Philip Seymour Hoffman is onboard with Will Smith and Kevin Spacey in discussions.

That's already looking like a cracking line up, and with Steven Spielberg behind the film then Chicago 7 is going to turn out really well. Could it be used as an analogy for our current times do you think?



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