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Harrelson says A-Team looks good

TheATeam.jpgWoody Harrelson has confirmed that he has been approached by John Singleton to star in the A-Team as Mad Murdoch, and he's got another surprise when he reveals that he thinks the script is surprisingly good.

As usual the video interview can't be viewed by anyone outside the U.S. because the site in question just don't want anyone else to see their footage, something that surprises me since they are a global company.

However if you're lucky enough to get round it or are in the U.S. to view the footage, why not have a look and drop in the comments anything more that he has to say about the film. You might be able to see him talking over at MTV Movies blog

I'm surprised because the last we had heard on the script was that it wasn't really that good, however Harrelson must see something in it and seems to be seriously considering the role, especially if he's talking about it in interviews this openly.

I'm still not sold on the idea of an A-Team remake, although if they are going to do it I would want to see it done in the Ocean series style, big cast, big budget, big style. It's either that or all new and incredibly gritty and realistic.



I would love to see a big screen outing for The A-Team, but Woody Harrelson is not someone I would have even considered for the role of Murdock.

While a lot of people seem to think along the lines of Clooney and Pitt, I hate the idea. I want to see a proper A-Team movie, not Ocean's A-Team.

With this supposed adaptation been rumored for so long, my choice of casting has also changed. At the moment it stands at:

Hannibal Smith - Philip Seymour Hoffman
Murdock - Steve Carell
B.A. Baracus - Ving Rhames
Faceman - Johnny Depp (or some other devilishly good-looking male for the ladies to swoon over.)

I like all those choices until you suggested Steve Carell. I'm not a big fan of his and although there's a similar look I'm not sure if...

Okay, as I'm thinking about it I could actually see hi in the role, I think the problem is I couldn't see him taking over the role.

I could definitely see Carell making the role his own. For an example you just need to look to his portrayal of Michael Scott in the US version of The Office. Many people (myself included) expected him to be just David Brent with an American accent, but he has completely made his own of the character and is great to watch.

Johnny Depp would do nicely! Or Colin Farrell if he had a shave and cut his hair. More like Farrell in Minority Report than Miami Vice.

I like the idea of Ving Rhames and Hoffman. Bruce Willis would be good as Hannibal, but I think I'd be thinking of him as John McClane while he was on screen.

And I'd like Steve Buscemi as Murdoch.


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