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Hellraiser delayed for rewrite

Hellraiser.jpgEarlier in the day the news came out that the remake of Hellraiser had been delayed for quite some time, there was no answer for it and it all seemed a little odd. Of course it might have been down to a rewrite, but the script had been finished for a while.

Well now we know. It's more than a few polishes, the Weinsteins want a new script, and they're going to wait until their new interim Writers Guild agreement can bring it to them.

According to Bloody Disgusting, who broke the original story, received a call from Dimension to update them on the news.

It's delated until 2009 at the moment, and it seems that they weren't happy with the screenplay from Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, who are also directing the film, and so they've scrapped it and are looking for the next one.

Now that is strange. I had thought that Clive Barker had been the scriptwriter, and I'm rather amazed that this treatment wasn't good enough. Perhaps they really are trying to get a better version than the original, and perhaps Clive Barker couldn't deliver.



I hadn't heard about this. I am a fan of the original series... I would love to see how this plays out. Is there any news of who will be playing in it yet? I guess it's time to hit IMDB...

There's no one associated as yet Seven, well not that we've heard.

Quick tip here, if you're looking for more news on the film have a look at the small print just after the SHARE icon at the end of the story marked "Tagged with" - select the Hellraiser tag and you'll see all the similar Filmstalker stories.


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