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Hitman director on Conan?

Conan.jpgThe Director of Hitman (Filmstalker review) is apparently looking to direct the next Conan film, as in Conan the Barbarian, that muscle bound role that saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in full fitness mode.

There's not much substance with the rumour other than Xavier Gens is set to direct the next Conan film due out in 2009.

The film is little more than a concept at the moment, with plans to make it more faithful to the original story from Robert E. Howard, something that seems at odds with the director Xavier Gens.

Not that I'm saying he's not a good Director, I actually enjoyed Hitman for what it was, devoid of tense storyline with any emotional involvement as it was. It had great style and some superb camera shots, but it was definitely a case of style over substance.

So what could he bring to a Conan film? A film about a warrior way back in the early ages of time and staying true to the original work? Well I'm not so sure that they could stay true with Xavier Gens, I think he'd be pushing that style and swish all through the film, and perhaps rightly so.

The rumour comes from Le Film Francais through Dark Horizons and First Showing.

Oh, and expect that Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be taking the lead, despite the recent words that he may be returning to film very soon, I doubt he will don the mantle of Conan once again.



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