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I Am Legend sequel

IAmLegend.jpgLet's face reality here, when a film such as I Am Legend does as well as I Am Legend does, then there's one thing that the studios are thinking of, more money.

That means a sequel. So it's no surprise that Warner Brothers have bought the sequel rights from Richard Matheson, the author of the original story.

Still, keep calm, a sequel is a long way off, and knowing how Hollywood handle sequels we'll probably see a lesser director, a lessor lead and a lesser script. In fact what we're likely to see is a film that's more about hordes of the mutated creatures than about the slow, deliberate paced film of I Am Legend (Filmstalker IMAX review) which looks more at the isolation and loss of humanity of the lead character.

Shock Till You Drop have the rumour through Coming Soon, from a source they won't reveal, that tells us a sequel is a possibility.

Nowadays in Hollywood if a film does well and there's the faintest hint of a possible sequel, they'll be straight on it and reserving the rights and making sure the possibility is there. Sometimes they even start earlier, as contracts for a film often contain clauses to secure the signing talent for sequels.

So no surprise, but I can't help but think that this'll be a poor version of the original, unless they keep the high standards and possibly even the original talent.



we're going to see it this week, hopefully.
i really hope it's good. I do love me some smith...

Not without Will Smith though. The reason I thought this film was great was mainly because of him.


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