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International 21 trailer online

BringingDowntheHouse.jpgThe international version trailer is online for 21, Robert Luketic's film adaptation of the novel Bringing Down the House (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) which dramatises a much duller story from the novel which should be really exciting.

You see the novel just reads out the story and there's no sense of tension, drama or connection with the characters. However they're really going for it with the film version of the story of MIT students who are brought together by a hardened gambler who teaches them to count cards, and before long they've taken Vegas for millions.

The film 21 stars Kevin Spacey leading the crew and Laurence Fishburne, both bringing some big names to the cast which also includes Kate Bosworth and Jim Sturgess.

That was the international trailer apparently, although the U.S. trailer has high definition available I think this one plays just a little better and tells more of the story.



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