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Jack Ryan gains Director

JackRyan.jpgThe latest in the Jack Ryan adventures, a franchise that has changed hands and stars a number of times, is now set to do both yet again and also drop Tom Clancy from the series.

The new director that is being eyed as the front runner to get the role is Fernando Meirelles , the director of City of God and City of Men. Suddenly I'm taking notice.

I had thought that the dropping of Tom Clancy and the rumour that Ryan Gosling is going to be the new Jack Ryan in Any Mean's Necessary, was enough to put me off, after all what is Clancy's character without Clancy, and frankly I think the best man for the job had always been Alec Baldwin.

Yet this news from Moviehole takes all that back, and I'm starting to think of this new film in a new light. The two “City of” films are probably what could make a Ryan film thrilling, exciting, and edge of your seat.

Fernando Meirelles could bring a real gritty reality to the series, something that it has been lacking as it has become bigger, slicker and more Hollywood, indeed this would probably be something that Clancy would approve of.



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