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John Carpenter begins L.A. Gothic

JohnCarpenter.jpgThere's nothing that excites real horror fans more than the thought of John Carpenter coming back to his former glory and as yet it's not something that we've really seen.

However he's going to have another crack at it with L.A. Gothic, and the team of writers on the project are hinting that it might be rather strong.

L.A. Gothic will tell the story of a priest trying to save his daughter from supernatural forces and it all takes place in the skewed reality of Los Angeles according to Shock Till You Drop through AITH.

However strong and interesting that sounds there is an odd aspect to the story that suggests his usual quirkiness, there's going to be demon possessed rock star in the film. Mmmm...sounds a little campy and a little odd, and that could be right up John Carpenter's street.

Sean Keller and Jim Agnew are the writers on the project, and they also wrote the new Dario Argento horror film Giallo, the one we talked about yesterday that is going to be in English.



John Carpenter really is one of those directors who hit and miss with their movies. I like some of his earlier work, and feel sorry for him because he finds it difficult getting projects made, which I wish wasn't the case. Then again I also wish he wouldn't allow his films to be remade.

This film does sound interesting... although I thought, until I read 'there's going to be demon possessed rock star in the film'. Oh dear John, please fulfill my/our hope in you.


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