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Justice League awaiting shutdown

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgIt seems that the crew of the Justice League of America have been warned that the fate of the film is to be decided within the week, and that they may just shut the whole film down.

Personally I think they should never have started it, but they have and now there are some serious concerns that might see them backtrack and shut the production down, perhaps permanently.

According to rumour recently the Justice League of America film was in trouble, but then we hear that a lot about films, however there seemed a little more to this than normal. Rising budget and a script that couldn't be altered and was in need of some rewrites here and there.

Now there's a rumour come into IESB from a few friends that are working on the Justice League crew that they've been told by the Production department that if problems on the production aren't solved within the next few days that pre-production will stop and the film will be halted.

It appears that a a decision is due this week.

I've never really understood why they are going ahead with this film and not using the current Batman and Superman, well actually I have because of budgetry concerns, but I haven't understood that from any other aspect.

It just doesn't feel right, and if they are intent on going ahead with Batman and Superman recast then they should wait until the actors playing the roles currently complete their series runs.

Then there are the other characters, those that are awaiting their own film outings but are going to be thrown into this ensemble film and their future cinematic fate decided on a smaller scale and cheaper budget film.

It strikes me that they'll all be fighting for screen space to justify their own film, and if they aren't then they run the risk of losing a possible franchise of their own, because if they don't work out in this film then the studio might not like them for their own.

Imagine that, a Wonder Woman stand alone film judged on a character developed and tested in a film shared by upteen other characters many of who are fighting for the very same thing.

I don't see it working. Go off and do Wonder Woman and Flash films, finish the current superhero series, and then think of a Justice League film. Oh, and give it a big budget.



Well darn, I'd actually be a little disappointed to see this go under - I really enjoyed the Justice League animated series and would like to see what they could come up with for a bigger-budget feature-length, even if it was entirely unattached to the series.

As for worrying about the cast fighting for the viewers attention, the cartoon managed it surprisingly well, at least in the first two series when they only had 7 members (the following three series, retitled "Justice League Unlimited" had the team extended to literally dozens of heroes with each episode giving a small group the spotlight). Admittedly everyone has their 'favourite', and some episodes gave one or two characters more of a spotlight, but most of the episodes were very balanced. Well okay, Batman was the mac daddy - but everyone else was pretty much on a par ;)


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