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Justice League of America possible delays?

JusticeLeagueofAmerica.jpgThe rumour out today is that Justice League of America is to be delayed, and with that comes some serious speculation about whether the film will be made at all.

Now bear in mind that it's inside, unnameable sources, but it seems pretty logical and could well be the case.

The rumour has it that the production is in danger of being delayed and possibly being scrapped, or at least heavily reworked, and for a number of reasons too.

The first is that the script for Justice League of America is not considered to be ready to go ahead and could do with some rewrites – a script that seemed rather rushed in the first place – that the budget is beginning to rise, the studio are wondering if the timing is right, and that it seems George Miller the Director wants to go a slightly different way than that of the studio.

IESB has the rumour from a source that contacted them to reveal that George Miller wants to make the film really big, but the cast is hardly reflecting that and the studio is trying to keep the budget down.

Well with the low level cast including television actors and unknowns and recasting both the current Superman and Batman for the film, it does look like they are trying to keep the budget down, and that the studio aren't really considering doing this the big way.

However the studio are even considering the timing of the film, which according to the article and source is because of the concerns of how well the Batman franchise is doing and what this could mean to it.

Personally, for non superhero fans who like the Batman films, or the new Superman for that matter, if the Justice League film fails it could have a negative impact on the two bigger franchises, not to mention the confusion they'll have at two different actors playing the same roles in different films at the same time.

I've never thought that the Justice League film was a good idea unless the other superhero franchises aren't on the big screen, or that they have the actors who are playing those roles signed up as well.

At the moment the source from IESB says that the film is being pushed back to April or May, possibly June or July, and with all the other commentary going on this could be indefinite.

Personally I think it might be better if it was the latter. Continue with individual characters from the series just now and work for either a bigger Justice League later or hold off until the other franchises aren't in full steam.

Saying that, with the writers strike in full swing and no new projects, perhaps they'll steam ahead with this anyway because it'll be an earner for the studio.



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