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Lady Godiva trailer and director Q&A

LadyGodiva.jpgLady Godiva is a British film that looks at the old medieval story of a woman who defies her husband and rides through the streets of her town in the name of justice. The event caused a huge stir, but also marked a huge moment in history.

Lady Godiva the film won't be looking at medieval times, instead it takes the age old story and updates it to modern day setting and Lady Godiva will have to ride naked through the streets for romance, money, and saving her public persona.

Now that sounds more like what would happen in real life. The film is a smaller British production, and the trailer links follow the official blurb:

"In modern-day Oxford Jemima Honey (Phoebe Thomas, star of BBC One's Holby City), an attractive but quirky young schoolteacher, dreams to rebuild the Art Factory, a local creative centre she set up with her dead brother, James. She meets and falls for the gorgeous Michael Bartle (Matthew Chambers, star of Doctors) before realising that he is "The Godiva Man" - a notorious playboy famous for his exploits on his white mare "Lady." After being humiliated on national TV, Jemima seeks a way to get back at Michael who has bet £100, 000, enough money to save the Art Factory, that she won't ride naked through the city.

Will Jemima rise to the occasion and continue the Lady Godiva legend? Will Michael realise the folly of his ways and declare his love for Jemima? Set amidst the beautiful surroundings and architecture of Oxford, LADY GODIVA is a funny, quirky and original Brit love story."

There's an interesting story about the writer and director of the film Vicky Jewson, at only 21 she wrote Lady Godiva. She blew a £20,000 bank loan in one night on a dinner for 50 potential investors which included a short showing. Three weeks later she had secured the funding needed to make Lady Godiva.

Here's the trailer in various sizes and formats on the iTherapy page which has options for Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Real Player.

Personally I find the trailer tells you lots about the film but doesn't really get me invested in it. In fact it's almost told us too much. The film stars some actors from British television who are known for a few regular series, Isabelle Amyes and Paul Ansdell.

As an added bonus I also have a short Q&A with the director, Vicky Jewson:

Q: How hard was it to make a British blockbuster?
VJ: 'The British film industry fails to encourage commercial films. It's almost not the done thing to make a commercial film. That's what I've come up against. My film is to entertain the masses, because of that I've met this wall of criticism.'

Q: How did you secure Phoebe Thomas for the role of Lady Godiva?
VJ: 'We had to pull out major strings to get her because she was busy with Holby City, she is so talented that she pulls off the character brilliantly.'

Q: What's your experience of being a female director?
VJ: 'On set, you can make it an issue or not - it depends how you look at it. It wasn't an issue for me when we were filming Lady Godiva. My youth was a bit of an issue that people had to overcome. But when you are raising finance, you get more success with the men because you can appeal to them with female charm, which I probably did in order to help raise the finance for my film.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from?
VJ: 'I'm not a film buff. I don't go watching and gauging loads off other films. For me, a lot of where it comes from is music.'

Q: What has been most essential in getting your work off the ground?
VJ: 'Determination.'



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