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McCann's deny film story

McCanns.jpgThankfully for all concerned the father of missing Madeleine McCann, Gerry McCann has denied that they are considering a film of their daughter's disappearance.

However there still remains the question of why their spokesman Clarence Mitchell yesterday said that they were involved in tentative discussions with IMG last year.

Gerry McCann says that this is something that happens a lot. Media companies are approaching them regularly for possible deals, and they only pick the ones which will forward the cause of finding their daughter, not the ones which would exploit the situation.

His words from his own site through The Guardian are:

“We can categorically deny that we are considering a movie about Madeleine's disappearance. This is simply untrue. We are approached by a huge number of media outlets regarding a myriad of projects, only a tiny proportion of which we agree to.

Each proposal is considered on whether it is likely to have a positive effect, either directly or indirectly, on the search for Madeleine.”

I say thankfully because I think that if this had gone ahead it would have been a catastrophic move for all those concerned, particularly the parents and how they are viewed.

It looks like what Mitchell was referring to was most likely a meeting with one of these media companies to find out what their proposal would have been, and that was that.

However there is the chance that this is a fast backtrack, because the project would have pulled in a lot of money for the search.

Yet it's clearly denied, so as of now there is no film project, and I think a few of our regular readers are breathing a sigh of relief.



Thank goodness for that!

Indeed. Second that.


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