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McCann's to make Madeleine film?

McCanns.jpgThere's a report in one of the daily UK tabloids that the parents of Madeleine McCann are in negotiations to make a film about her disappearance.

The "source" for the paper claims that the deal would involve the people behind Touching the Void, the documentary about the two British climbers caught in horrendous circumstances.

According to the source quoted by The Daily Mail, the McCanns are currently talking with the international talent agency IMG for representation, although I'm not entirely sure where the Touching the Void team area pulled into this as at the moment it seems they are merely seeking representation for pitches to be made to film-makers and studios.

The source is quoted by the paper as saying:

"If the media are prepared to make donations, we will take the money. There are a few propositions out there…

…We have had a couple of large companies involved in the film industry approach us about a long-term deal. IMG and the production company behind Touching The Void have approached Kate and Gerry. They have sent them a tape to watch to see the sort of film they make. We have only had a preliminary discussion…

…The million-pound film deal is possible. It is the sort of thing we would look at seriously because in one fell swoop we could resolve the funding of the search overnight."

So it becomes a little clearer. As yet there is no deal made with the team, but that they have approached the McCanns to discuss the idea of a film, however they are as yet unable to until the Portuguese police remove their status as official suspects, something that there is no sign of happening just yet.

The couple's lawyers are applying for their status to be removed following a new set of interviews which are planned with the couple.

The parents claim that Madeleine was abducted from their holiday apartment while they had dinner in a nearby restaurant. The disappearance happened some eight months ago and various witnesses claim to have seen a man taking a young child away from the scene.

I'm really torn about this and whether a film should be made so soon, especially with an open case such as this and considering Hollywood's reputation with historical fact in film.

If any case comes before the courts in the future, is it likely to lead to a biased jury? Should the film be left until after the case is resolved or is any publicity, and money, well worth it?



I think it's wanting to milk it dry. Maybe it's just me and apologies in advance if I may sound heartless because believe me I am not, but I am getting fed up with all this now. Last year we were bombarded with Madeleine's photos everywhere, in the cinema, on the papers almost every single day, on the news, now, come on, is she really the only little girl (or boy) that went missing? Why arent these ones getting publicity too, or plead for our support? What makes her disappearance a matter of national concern when surely there are other thousands of children (even more underprivileged) who disappear that we never get to hear about?

I wonder what will the movie show though, will it also show that the McCann's are considered the prime suspects for Madeleine's disappearance?

Sorry just had to rant. *Sigh*

I agree Simone, I feel for Madeleine I really do but there are millions of missing children out there as well. There are probably many of them who would be found if they recieved even 5% of the publicity that Madeleine has had.

I really do not see the purpose of creating a film and how it would help the McCanns. You also have to wonder whether any other missing children headlines have been cut out of the press because everyone is just focused on Madeleine. I mean The Sun online has a section devoted entirely to the Madeline investigation, would it not be more beneficial to make it into a missing children section?

Thank god it's not just me, seeing 2 comments makes me feel better. I instantly just wanted to say when I saw the subject line "FFS, Kids go missing all the time" ..& in all fairness it's usually the parents' fault! Call me insensitive, but I wouldn't watch this out of plain principal - No way!

Like a opening a can full of worms eh?

in all fairness it's usually the parents' fault

This is SO true Ram. For a while there I was worried that my initial post may sound insensitive.

I am not pointing a finger to anyone even the McCann's here but are they really serious about making a movie? Not to trivialize their loss, I'd rather watch Affleck's Gone Baby Gone.

It beggars belief to even contemplate it, especially when there is still no evidence where she is or if she's alive. I'd be surprised if it ever gets made, surely there's a law some where that would prevent it. Insanity.

Can't say I agree with the fault comment, but I won't go into that one. That would be going off on a long tangent from the film aspect, which I just think is a bad idea and hopefully a non starter.

Phew (there's lot's of those happening on this topic) I'm with you all too.

I read somewhere that a child goes missing every minute and that in parts of South America it's an equally scary statistic - sorry I forget the source and the stats. However that doesn't sell papers in the UK.

What could UK and worldwide charities do with that money?

Anyway they can't go ahead until the Portuguese police remove them as being suspects, but after that it's fair game.

My other thought is I bet Ben Affleck is kicking himself now, releasing his film in the UK is nothing compared to hearing the parents are looking to make a film about her already.

Okay, I've had my outburst ..

Back on topic I saw a film at Raindance last year called Alice, which was about a Father who gets obsessed with finding his lost daughter, by setting up cameras around the area she was lost & then watching all the tapes on multiple TV's at rapid speed, hoping to catch a glimpse of her return .. it was a very touching film. I'd recommend it highly ..

Oddly enough, it's a Portuguese film too.


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