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Miami Vice remake in Hong Kong

DonnieYen.jpgYes, there seems as though there's going to be another Miami Vice remake, not just Michael Mann's film version (Filmstalker review) of his own television series.

This one is going to be set in Hong Kong and it will be called Hong Kong Vice, amazingly.

To be fair I don't think that there'll be too much similarity in the two films. When the location is changed the whole Miami feel and style goes out the window and therefore most of what the film and the television series were goes too.

What you're left with is a buddy cop story about how they get together and fight drug crime, often with unusual and hard hitting methods. Doesn't that become like any other buddy cop film?

Anyway the story from hongkongfilms.mysinablog through VarietyAsiaOnline and Twitch is that Donnie Yen is to take a leading role in the film. Twitch ask the question, Crockett or Tubbs?

I'd ask the question rubbish or worse rubbish?



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