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Mortensen as Stallone's Poe?

ViggoMortensen.jpgFrom everything that I was hearing Sylvester Stallone was getting ready to move forward with his Death Wish remake, but there's a rumour going around that the next film he tackles will be his Edgar Allan Poe project and he's been lining up stars to play the lead already.

First choice appears to be Viggo Mortensen.

Now the source that suggests this actor for the role is an unnamed but somewhat reliable source of Cinema Blend's, and HorrorMovies.ca bring us their news.

According to the source Sylvester Stallone has already met with Viggo Mortensen and has offered him the role of Poe in...Poe, Mortensen is considering it as I write.

The source revealed a little more information, and that the word is that if Mortensen says no they'll approach Clifton Collins Jr. or John Hawkes.

It seems that this list goes down the acting chain quite quickly, not that Collins or Hawkes are bad actors, just that each is a step down from the previous, so I'm not too sure about that. If you had Mortensen considering wouldn't you be playing his name off other, as good or bigger actors? Who knows, and it is a rumour after all.

Still, I do trust the guys at Cinema Blend, and so if they invest in their sources then I will too, especially as I could really see Mortensen playing Poe, although I think Javier Bardem would be a much better choice.



Anybody else but Mortensen please.


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