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New 88 Minutes HD trailer online

AlPacino.jpgThere's a new trailer for the Al Pacino starrer 88 Minutes online and it's also in high definition. This trailer looks much better than the previous and gives a more coherent story as well as hyping up the tension a bit more.

The film follows a forensic psychiatrist and college professor played by Pacino as he is told that he has 88 minutes to live. The reason seems to be connected to a serial killer who he helped put behind bars with his testimony alone. Could he be setting him up for his own murder?

There's also Neal McDonough, Deborah Kara Unger, William Forsythe, Amy Brenneman, Alicia Witt and Benjamin McKenzie starring alongside Al Pacino. 88 Minutes is directed by Jon Avnet, who also directed Righteous Kill which stars Pacino and Robert De Niro.

The trailer does look good, although all I can think about when I'm watching it is the Dennis Quaid starrer D.O.A., and I don't mean the beach volleyball one.

Have a look at the new trailer over at Yahoo Movies [Flash:QT:480p:720p:1080p] through Collider. What do you think? Same old stuff from the film and Pacino, or is there something else there?



I just checked back through your original posting of the first trailer and it was from August 2006!!!

Has it really been that long since this movie was "announced"?!

The trailer looks pretty good but I'm not quite sure how well they can pull it off. Nice to see Neal McDonough though!

According to IMDb.com, it was released in the majority of territories last year, with the US release scheduled for April 18, 2008. Anyone got a UK/Ireland date?

I thought this went straight to video?

It did go straight to DVD (or was schedule to) though now it seems it's getting a small theater run. I think it looks horrible.

Yeah, it seems that they are going to trial it with a small release, although just in the US at the moment.

Perhaps there's a little reflection on Righteous Kill here - same Director and lead.


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