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New Cloverfield videos

Cloverfield.jpgThere are a few new Cloverfield videos being released which are designed to increase the hype around the film, and quite frankly they look set to work.

Showing some of the early devastation that the monster creates around the world in various news reports from different countries as footage shows an oil platform being destroyed by the monster.

The footage shows a Japanese oil platform in the Atlantic from a helicopter as it collapses in on itself and sinks beneath the ocean.

Another piece of video camera footage is recovered from the wreckage showing some of the platform workers trying to escape, and when they finally get on the raft and look back at the sinking platform, sections of it are thrown into the sky landing about them.

It all looks pretty good stuff, and you can see them over at IESB [Flash], although they have the German news report under the German and Spanish spots, perhaps they'll sort this out later in the day.

In the meantime take a look at what they have, but if you're someone that was concerned about the level of CG in I Am Legend, then I don't think you're going to take too well to the CG in the first half of the clips. Shot from the helicopter with a pretty steady picture the platform doesn't look that great, from the shaky cam of the boat it holds up much better.

Cloverfield marketing strikes again.



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