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New Get Smart trailer online

GetSmart.jpgThe trailer for the film version of Get Smart has appeared online. Starring Steve Carrell, Anne Hathaway and The Rock, you might think that it could be funny. Well I was sorely disappointed.

You can see the trailer here for yourself, but this kind of humour really isn't working well with me these days.

There are the standard jokes we've heard and seen time and time before, even as far back as kids cartoons, however I have to give a nod to the final phone gag which I really did like.

The story for Get Smart is just the same as the television show, the identities of all the agents of a secret government organisation have been revealed to their equivalent enemy organisation, and so one of the team who has never been a field agent before, Steve Carell is promoted to agent status and partners up with Anne Hathaway's character to save the day.

Still, I'm not convinced that this is going to be such a great film. See what you think with this new trailer from YouTube through Jo Blo.



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