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Pakinstani leader Benazir Bhutto film

BenazirBhutto.jpgBenazir Bhutto, the Pakistani political leader who was assassinated just last week and made headlines throughout the world is already to receive the biographical film treatment with Indian Director Mahesh Bhatt.

What is surprising is that the production company are already announcing that they don't want the film to cause any controversy, and while no film should set out to do just this, you would think that the subject of her assassination would raise some controversy, as it is in the news right now.

Benazir Bhutto was a major contender in the upcoming elections, she had been Pakistan's Prime Minister twice, and the popular belief was that in the upcoming elections she might return to power.

What surprises me most about the news from The Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend is that they don't want to raise controversy with the film, surely all it can do is raise controversy?

Considering the events of the assassination, the fact that Bhutto was so favoured by the western governments as a strong liberal choice for the country; that Pakistan is such a politically active country right now in a variety of world impacting issues; that she was assassinated, and that the assassination raises so many questions in itself, are all factors that are raising controversial issues and questions right now, so how on earth will the film not?

"...the basic motive behind this announcement is just to dedicate this film to Benazir Bhutto. The film is going to be released internationally, and we don't want to create any controversy with this film."

Are the words of the producer from Skies Unlimited, Aneela Khan, words that I think would perhaps do a disservice to her life, especially as there is so much controversy in her past as well with allegations of corruption, self-imposed exiles, family tragedies and so on.

Still, I suspect that this is not the only biographical film we shall see of her, and hopefully this announcement will pave the way for something more insightful and thought provoking than this film sounds to be, especially with the producers backtracking and defining the film before anyone has even had a chance to start scripting.



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