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Update: Paramount stands with HD-DVD

BluRayvsHDDVD.jpgThe recent Warner Bros. defection from HD-DVD to Blu-ray has caused a bit of an uproar, and with the surprise news that Paramount carried a clause allowing them to follow suite should Warner Bros. defect, it seemed that they were next.

However a short statement from Paramount and DreamWorks has denied the rumour today, and that was closely followed by one from Microsoft. However, it still seems like a mixed message and for the audience, the war may still be up in the air.

HDTV UK tells us that that Paramount have announced the following - thanks to Ian in the Warner Bros. post comments for highlighting this story too, I caught these before I saw your comment and started writing:

"Paramount's current plan is to continue to support the HD-DVD format"

Yes, because Warner Bros. never denied reports they were moving just before they did, however let's continue to believe them despite the way this industry works - leak rumour, denial, announce.

High-Def Digest also has the news that although they have made the announcement, they will not be making any hew high definition title announcements at the CES 2008 show.

What is perhaps the most interesting statement is the one from Microsoft who are standing by their choice of HD-DVD for the XBox 360, although they deny that they'll put one in their machines, it'll remain as a separate player.

From The Guardian through XBox Scene, Albert Penello, group marketing manager for XBox hardware, said the following regarding the rapid changes in the Blu-ray and HD-DVD battle:

“It should be consumer choice; and if that's the way they vote, that's something we'll have to consider...I fundamentally don't think ... this has a significant impact on Xbox 360 versus (Sony's) PlayStation 3...I want consumers to have a voice in this and I think there are a lot of consumers who bought HD-DVD who are going to have a say in how this shakes out.”

Well I have to say that's a great comment from Microsoft in response to whether they would consider seeling a Blu-ray add-on drive to the XBox 360, finally they get that it's about the consumer, well done you.

However there's another side, not just the noble fight they fire up in that last statement, there's the fight for a single format and stopping this splitting of the marketplace and of forcing the average consumer to stay back on DVD or to spend hard earned cash on a format that might be obsolete before the end of the year.

Give them the choice, but the studios have to end this war.



Actually the most interesting comment from Microsoft is the one saying they haven't ruled out providing an external Blu-Ray player for the XBox.

I don't know why they don't just change their slogan to "Red is dead" and phase it out.

Oh I didn't see that anywhere, yeah that is a corker of a comment.

I think they're well behind and should have done that from the start, it would have pulled in a bigger audience. Still, since they've always kept the drive separate they can change their mind at any point.

I think Microsoft's strategy makes perfect sense. Sony is the enemy on several fronts, so they're doing what they have to do. Aside from that, Sony committed the ultimate sin of using Java in the Bluray specification. Did anyone really think Microsoft would sign up for Java after their history with the language and Sun? Regardless, Microsoft is still smart enough to hedge their bets.


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