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Phillip Noyce strands Amelia Earhart

PhillipNoyce.jpgPhillip Noyce was set to direct Hilary Swank in the film about Amelia Earhart, however the word is that he's up and left the project and is going to concentrate on his Mary Queen of Scots film.

According to his own words he spent five months working on the project, but because the film didn't seem to be moving forward he had to decide between this and his long love for Mary Queen of Scots.

“I had worked on Amelia for 5 months from July to end of December 2007, finding all the locations and extensively storyboarding the flying sequences - When it didn't appear that the film was going ahead, I had to make a painful decision to move on and returned to a project that had long fascinated me… Mary Queen of Scots.”

Those are his own words on the project through Moviehole. However he is clear that Hilary Swank remains attached to the project, after all he says:

“Personally, she's the only person I could ever see in that role. An American Icon playing an American Icon.”

Eh? Does that ring kind of hollow when you consider that another American icon of film, Scarlett Johansson, is set to play a huge historical icon of Scotland? I don't understand that myself.

I understand that roles can be played by actors and actresses from other countries, and that they can play them well, but why is it that Amelia Earhart in The Story of Amelia Earhart could only be played by an American when the great story of the famous Scottish Queen is to be played by another American?

Well, the answer would be pretty clear to me, the populous American audience are more likely to accept and pay to see an American actress than they would be any other actor, and it will assure bigger box office takings.

Could you imagine the American audience accepting a non American actress playing Earhart? Could you imagine the American audience being drawn to Phillip Noyce's Mary Queen of Scots with a lesser known Scottish actress in the role?



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