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Update: Play Filmstalker at Buzz! Movie challenge with leaderboard

Buzz.jpgHave you ever played one of the Buzz! games on the Playstation? Well I have and U love them, but my friends hate it because I keep getting the film questions right, so the fact that there's a complete Hollywood Quiz version of the game on the go is just a nightmare for them.

What's really good is that you can play it online, so I've created the Filmstalker Buzz! competition for you to try your hand at and see if you can beat me.

Actually, for film fans it's not going to be that hard, but it's a cracking good fun game. Unfortunately the online side doesn't capture the fun of playing three other real live people right beside you at the time, or the host of different types of questions that use pictures, music and video clips.

To challenge Filmstalker simply head over to the Filmstalker's Buzz site and see how you fare. I managed a mammoth 11645!

You can see more of Buzz! over at Amazon.co.uk.

Thought it might be fun to see the leaderboard...I'm a tad ashamed at such a poor performance!

Rank Name Score
1 MONIQUE 16,476
2 HELP ME 14,883
3 JOHN 14,670
5 DAVID 12,357
6 SIMONE 12,201
7 SHINPU 11,847
8 MYNAME 11,807
10 BLAKE711 11,454
11 HAP 10,112
12 MIC****E 9,751



So Richard, if we beat your score, do we get anything? ;)

Looking at the scoreboard I wished I'd tried harder. I went to have another go and realised they were all the same questions so that was a tad unfair.

I don't know, let's see how it goes, I have some DVD's and could give away one to the winner.

But I just beat your score so do I get the DVD? Hehehe

'Fraid not Simone, there are quite a few names ahead of you!

But you said: To challenge Filmstalker simply head over to the Filmstalker's Buzz site and see how you fare. I managed a mammoth 11645!

You didnt say the others ahead of you! Tsk tsk tsk... getting a bit competitive now are we Rich? ;)

Eh? I have no idea what you mean Simone.

Other people have been entering and getting higher scores!

Oi. I give up then. :D

Some old movies there, eh? Not fair, not fair at all. :)

Well that's bottom of the leaderboard for me! I was really bad at the older movie questions, oh well. What I found funny was at one point on the leaderboard it censored the 'hell' in my name so my name listed as Mic****e!

Aha! That's you Michelle, I wondered what that meant!


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