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Postal trailer in high definition

Postal.jpgThe high definition trailer is online for Postal, the Uwe Boll adaptation of the videogame where, well, you go round shooting things.

To be fair it's a little more complex than that, and the film looks a lot slicker than you'd think, and remember, this is the film that carries that opening sequence of the arguing terrorists flying into one of the Twin Towers...a scene I also have.

The trailer has appeared over on Apple Trailers [QT:M:480p:720p:1080p] and carries an R rating, yes, for the trailer alone.

The story for Postal goes something like this...actually let me copy the blurb because this seems a little mad:

"A religious charlatan (Foley), his mild mannered nephew (Ward) and a gang of bosomy commandos face off against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban in an epic battle that will determine the fate of the world in POSTAL, the latest film from controversial director Uwe Boll ("BloodRayne"). Boll roasts an entire herd of sacred cows and smashes taboos to smithereens in this over-the-top and hilariously subversive critique of modern day America. Inspired by the notorious videogame of the same name, POSTAL is a jaw-droppingly original spoof of contemporary culture and an equal opportunity offender, lampooning religious extremists, minorities, bureaucrats, immigrants, cops, women, the Holocaust, gun nuts and more with evenhanded abandon."

Now while the original clip that I posted was removed from YouTube - I hate when they do that, I've embedded the content and they've moved it again - anyway here's the clip from the opening of the film that most Americans will probably find an issue with.

So this is the tone for the film, something that seems rather removed from the trailer.



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